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Madison asks...

This question is about: Toileting

Hi okay so I'm currently training my pup, but the other night she pooped on my bed. I cleaned it up and everything but since she pooped on it should I let her back on the bed? I don't want her to think that's okay. But also it's only because she's so little she has been sleeping with me

Hi Madison,

Dogs should have their own bed or crate to sleep in - it can be beside your bed, but her own sleeping place will help. She should not be allowed to jump onto your bed unless invited - you need to make the decision for her not let her make them.  Follow you (as the leader) she should never be in front of you but beside or behind in the house and in the yard. You go through all doors and gates first, she needs to be trained to wait at these until you invite her through.. Training is the best way to get all of our non physical system thoroughly explained  and shown to you in person. Call our 0800 167 710 for your local trainer. 

Janine asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Pulling on the Lead Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household Separation Anxiety Toileting Other

We have three small dogs,.. Teddy, Panda, and Gizmo. Panda was first in the house, but Teddy (male) is the eldest at 10.5 years, and is the same breed and a rescue. Gizmo is the youngest but second to join the family and is a male chihuahua papillon cross. rnrnAll three get on well, and do everything together. When given treats its always Panda first, then the boys.rnrnBut Panda is extremely needy, but won't come for a cuddle but will want you to go to her,... She seems to have extreme anxiety, and barks at every noise she hears or thinks she hears. She also has a major ball obsession. As you as you wake of sit down she wants to play ball, and crys if it goes under the coach. rnrnI work from home, and if my client wants to use the bathroom I have to told her away or else she'll attack, and she looks crazed, and has nipped a client previously.rnrnWhat would you suggest for my needy/anxious/obsessive/barking dog? rnThe two boys love cuddles, and Panda sulks if they get attention. Even if we try to cuddle her first. We need some help!

Hi Janine, although it is extremely hard to diagnose without seeing the situation in person this sounds like a case of separation anxiety and Panda is the top dog of your other 2 dogs.  She is attention seeking and getting her way -  i.e. bringing the ball to you to play when she sits down - this is not play, it is training you to do what she wants when she wants. You need to ignore any attention seeking behaviour.  Place her outside or in the laundry when you are home, (that way you are there to address her whining/crying by using the word you usually do when she is behaving in this unacceptable way using deep tones and walk away).  Do not let her out or go outside to her to try and calm her down, if you do that, she wins. Again she is training you. Remove the ball for the time being until you feel she is settling down. When you have more than one dog it is important that each dog does spend time alone, so they learn relax.  Treat all three dogs the same, no favourites. You also get the chance to address any separation issues they may have. Make sure you get in and out of all doorways first. A dog should never be ahead of you indoors or going through a gate, going to the front door etc.  Teach them to stay on their rug/bed when you answer the door.  The front door needs to be made a no go zone for all dogs. They are your visitors therefore you must always answer the door and teach visitors to always ignore  the dogs, as you must do also  when you  first get home after an outing. Practice with her first, then the other dogs, always one at a time; until they follow you not walk or race ahead of you.  In the dog world the leader always leads, that needs to be you from now on not her. She is protecting  you (her pack)  from your clients, she needs to see you as the top dog. Hope this helps.

Conny asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Other

Hi Our Molly recently started growling. It is especially bad in the morning were she also shivers. Now we are not doing anything to her... the first time it happened I was just petting her on the head normally and I thought she is a bit grumpy because it is early and cold ;) so I backed off. She then followed me around wanting me to pet her. During the day the behaviour is non existant. In the evening sometimes but not as bad as the morning. She never curls her lip and sometimes the growl oozes into a moan and sigh. So it is difficult for me to interpret it. If this is not selected as question of the week I am more than happy to book a session with our local Bark Buster.Cheers Conny

Hi Conny, I would say you will need help so this does not escalate any further, but you could try a couple of things in the meantime, .Head towards a door opening and make sure you always go through first, if she goes ahead of you, stop clap and use the word you use for when she is naughty, then call her to you happily, doníăt pat her, but just say in happy tones what a good girl she is, repeat this for every door. Also just stop petting her for a little bit,  just tell her she is a good girl and refrain from petting and see if this helps the growling. Growling is a warning so it does need addressing asap to give you peace of mind. Regards Donna.

Maria asks...

This question is about: Hyperactivity Other

Hi mouse is an 8 month old pound rescue, she has always been a sensitive wee dog, she is very well behaved but has always had a nervous sort of hyperactivity in strange or new places. Since having a bad experience on a walk with a skateboarder she is now quite fearful in situations where its busy eg walking on streets with lots of people, traffic, loud noises etc. She has got to the point that she will fear bark at people if taken by surprise and will tremble uncontrollably until removed from the situation. This is particularly if on lead when she feels trapped. I know I have to desensitize her but am unsure where to start and how I need to behave to avoid causing more damage. Thanks maria

Lyn asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise

Neutered female. We have recently moved from 11 hectares where Guchi felt every where she could see was her space-fine there, but now have had to move into town and house looks onto a reserve where many people take their dogs for a walk, naturally Guchi feels she has to bark at them, to tell us they are there. She is not aggressive. I personally dislike taking her for a walk where other dogs have similar 'boundary' issues and would like to train her to not to bark at people passing.

This is a tough one, as you inadvertently taught her to be this way, because you were living in the bush and barking was not an issue, also there would not of been many rules for her.

So now you need to make some rules and take the 'watch dog' off her, so she can just relax and sleepí─í─A little training everyday will help with this, also you could make some snap lock sandwich bags up, just over half fill with water and lob these at her feet while she is barking, as they land use the word you use for when she is naughty, when she stops barking; call her to you for a pat and praise. Hope this helps. Regards Donna.

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