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Lyn asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise

Neutered female. We have recently moved from 11 hectares where Guchi felt every where she could see was her space-fine there, but now have had to move into town and house looks onto a reserve where many people take their dogs for a walk, naturally Guchi feels she has to bark at them, to tell us they are there. She is not aggressive. I personally dislike taking her for a walk where other dogs have similar 'boundary' issues and would like to train her to not to bark at people passing.

This is a tough one, as you inadvertently taught her to be this way, because you were living in the bush and barking was not an issue, also there would not of been many rules for her.

So now you need to make some rules and take the 'watch dog' off her, so she can just relax and sleepí─í─A little training everyday will help with this, also you could make some snap lock sandwich bags up, just over half fill with water and lob these at her feet while she is barking, as they land use the word you use for when she is naughty, when she stops barking; call her to you for a pat and praise. Hope this helps. Regards Donna.

Andy asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise

Hi I adopted Chop from the pound I have had him for 7 days I have only heard him give a half hearted bark twice even when the neighbours bark he does not bark he is the quietest dog I have known but when he is home alone in the back yard during the day he apparently does not stop barking animal control have been around twice He has a dog house chew toys bones he is on a chain the yard is fenced I suspect he is barking due to Anxeity I need to find a solution

I am guessing that when you are home he is not put on the chain? This may be the reason he is barking. If the yard is fenced is there any reason why he caníăt roam free?

He also needs to spend time on his own out in the yard when you are home, so that he learnsto cope on his own. You have only had him for a week, dogs can take a couple of months to settle into their new environment.

May we suggest some training as this will help him cope with his new environment and also give you a greater understanding of how to address any issues now or in the future. Regards Donna.  

Carla asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

Hi,rnWe have a beautiful rottiweiler who in the last 4 months become aggressive to meet and greet people. She allows them to pat her and then she lunges at them and has biten with no blood thank goodness. She has done this to 2 of our friends and it saddens us that next time she will do more damage. We socialist her at parks and general walking and she is fine. Our first victim was at a camp where she behaved ever so well towards other dogs. We were so scared that someone would of walked through our camp site so we set it up that they had no access although Maia was happy to watch walking traffic and enjoy walks on lead around camp site. Second attack was on our property when a friend had visited and we were right there. Same thing allowed to be sniffed and pat then it went hay wire. It got to the stage our friend at animal control has taken her as we think she is high risk. They are going to get rottweiler rescue to assess her this week in the pound. She is fine at the pound but this is breaking our hearts. Any advice please as we are desperate. Thanks

Hi Carla - she sounds a bit worried about people and unsure of her place so is protecting you and your property as dogs would do in a pack situation. 

What she needs is for you to step up as a strong consistent leader so she knows there is no need to worry about anything.  Many dogs just do not have the temperament to be the 'top dog' but if leadership is not given by the human it is a dogs survival instinct to take that 'top dog' role on.  This is not a good place for any dog to be in.. In the dog world there is always a hierarchy where the pack leader makes all the decisions.  It needs to be the same in the human environment with the dog seeing you as the strong top dog. I am not sure where you live, we deal with this kind of behaviour on a daily basis so I am not sure if there is a  BB trainer in your region. Please ask your friends to ignore her and not go to her to say hello or pat when visiting.  Regards

Maureen asks...

This question is about: Digging Hyperactivity Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Puppy Management

I would like yo know what form of discipline is used when your trainers come to the house to train we have booked a session for February I have concerns about choke chains, electric shock items and things that could cause pain...rnrnRegards rnrnMaureen Moore

Hi Maureen,

We do not use check/choker chains or electric shock collars, we pretty much just use body language and guttural tones and our communication collars are especially made for us and rest assured they are very dog friendly. Pain never has been nor ever will be any part of our BB training system. 

Your Bark Busters trainer will clearly explain everything to you on the day of your appointment. I am sure that you will enjoy the session immensely and witness first hand exactly how friendly our remarkable BB system is. Enjoy Maureen. Regards Donna

Paula asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

Hi we have 3 dogs, the oldest is 6 (female) then 3 (female) and the pup is 7 months (male). We got the pup in June and lately our 3 year old rottweiler is attacking the 6 year old healer for things like barking or growling at the pup. It's gotten bad and I was wondering is there anything we can do to fix this problem

Hi Paula - Sibling Rivalry is a very difficult behaviour to address and is one where we require 100% commitment from all humans living in the household using our system- this is essential. As I cannot see the dogs it would be unprofessional of me to address this serious issue via this forum. All dogs must see and treat the humans in the household with total respect. Sometimes as a last resort we have needed to recommend rehousing one of the dogs.

It is about training all three dogs separately and gaining their 'total focus' on you before putting them together. Don't try and train/work with the dogs all together - you will come undone pretty quickly.

As you well know - these fights start very quickly and if the dogs are left alone we strongly recommend a muzzle be used. This will stop any further injuries. Do not allow the female dogs to even look at each other at this point. We often hear that these fights start when the owner is around, it is the dog fighting for attention and this is not the way it should be in a human environment. If the dogs see the humans as strong pack leaders these fights will more than likely stop. Pack Leadership means safety to all dogs, and if not provided by the humans in the home then it is the dogs survival instinct to take on that role. Not all dogs get along with each other, just like we humans.She is attacking her because she wants the male to herself and she sees the 6 year old as a little weak. By her picking on the older female dog then she gets the male, so you need to up your pack leadership with them all, so they look to you and not the young female. So make sure you go through all doors first and if one goes ahead of you, stop, use the word you use for when they are naughty and clap hands together at the same time and ask them to come back out, keep doing this till they always follow you through a door and make them all wait until you invite them in. No favouritism with any of the 3 dogs - treat them all equally. To explain it in much more detail you may need professional help with this serious behaviour issue. 

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