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I have just moved to a new property in NZ and my partner's brother owns a Siberian husky. He heavily mistreats the dog in my eyes and is never really around in order to look after it or train it. The dog, Shio-Lin, is about 4 years old and is constantly chained to a tree where he sleeps, eats, poops, etc within the radius of around 2 metres daily. He is never let off this chain. He has been treated, to my understanding,in this fashion for the majority of not his entire life. My partner's father informed me that he was even tied up to the tree for 6 months straight, having never been let off. rnrnShio-Lin has behavioural issues now, such as that if he IS let off, he will run straight down to the chicken coop and kill the chickens and has apparently done so in the past. He howls and whines constantly throughout the day for attention and is extremely defensive over his food, whereabouts he will stand between anyone/thing and his meal, staring down at the ground, keeping himself quite low. When commanded, he only responds to Maori language, however I speak English. That is to say however, IF he responds at all. He is very choosy, as is character defined by his breed. When I walked him (apparently the first he's been walked in a VERY long time), he ran in front of me trying to drag me, which I did not let him do. He would do this, choking himself on his lead, panting and wheezing. He struggled walking past the chicken coop. Everyone thinks he is completely un-trainable after his 4 years like this, however I've spent nearly every day visiting him at his tree, simply trying to get him to sit. Sometimes he does, other times he doesn't (likely my pronunciation of the Maori word for 'sit', as I am australian.) I myself am quite strong willed and have trained dogs in the past, however I've never trained a husky. If he is not a lost cause, I have the time and the patience to train him, given instructions on how to do so. It hurts my heart to see him that way and I can telly visits seem to only confuse him when all I'm doing is giving him an inch before taking it away. When people approach or even look at him, he tips and pulls at his chain like mad just to try and get closer while whining and howling. Once pat, he presses himself right against you and loves the affection. Is it worth my time to both claim the dog, since his owner has left or should I take him to the pound/RSPCA or make the tougher call to shoot him?rnI don't like watching a dog suffer like this and he seems to have a loving soul. I might be wrong, but in my eyes he needs some love and someone to train him properly. I need advice on what to do and how to do it.rnrnThank you for taking the time to read this.

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