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24th February 2013

Lots of fun. Easy to understand. Highly recommend to all.

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Kellie W.

24th February 2013

We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Keiko. She is obviously very passionate about proper animal care and never teaches in a judgmental or accusing way. She is thorough, patient and respectful. The Bark Busters program is an excellent middle ground between my partner's and my training style and this has finally offered us the unity that was lacking in our dog handling. Keiko stayed longer than planned but when she left we were 100% confident moving forward. She didn't rush us or skip past anything just to get home. Once again, this program has improved our home life and confidence immediately and we will be recommending this to everyone we know!

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Jemma G.

20th February 2013

Have recommended to all friends with dogs and some have already made appointments with Mark.

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Pip U.

17th February 2013

Cindy responded much more quickly to 'sit', 'stay', 'come' commands. Going for a walk is much more enjoyable as she doesn't pull so much. Today we encountered a dog Cindy would usually bark and lunge at. Her reaction today was more muted - just a few whimpers (corrected with 'BAH'!) Progress!

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Julia C.

11th February 2013

We noticed immediate results almost as soon as Keiko walked through the door. We found the training techniques easy to follow and the results proved themselves. I would highly recommend Keiko and the Bark Busters Training Programme to all my friends and family, in fact anybody who will listen to be raving!! People already comment how better behaved Chloe is now.

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Erica S.

4th February 2013

Thanks for helping us with Stig, he is improving noticeably, although I think it was mostly me.

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Margaret J.
West Melton

1st February 2013

A special "thanks" goes to Keiko!! We noticed a difference straight away, and Bindii has acted differently (better) since Keiko left.

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Helen T.

5th January 2013

We're really pleased to finally have a calm dog inside, and by continuing the training I can now see us training the type of dog we always wanted.

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Brenda Q.

17th December 2012

Excellent explanations and demonstrations. Dogs were showing significant improvement immediately. Very straightforward and direct techniques - very effective! The guidance will be very helpful in building a healthy ongoing relationship with our dogs.

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Sonya H.

10th December 2012

By the end of the training I realized that the training was more about retraining the human not the dog! I learned a lot and have put it to good use since. Thank you.

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Helen B.

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