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28th November 2012

Could not believe the change in Buster after 3 hours, didn't think it was possible after 1 lesson, money well spent.

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Jean E.

28th November 2012

Very easy, Meeka was a different dog by the time Mark left our house.

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Kay H.
Fairway Park

22nd November 2012

Anything that helps me be a better dog owner is great. Money well spent!

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Amy C.

19th November 2012

Keiko was very thorough and taught me a lot. She was open to questions and very approachable. Both Nellie and I absorbed quite a bit. This was an awesome experience.

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Arlene T.

13th October 2012

I am extremely pleased as I was looking at more extreme means and am pleased I chose Keiko from Bark Busters.

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Sheryl H.

28th September 2012

I'm so glad that we took the step to call Bark Busters. I wanted to get help for our dog, we learnt so much about our own bad habits thinking we were fine when we actually stress her out!! Worth our money and time, highly recommend the service.

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Melanie J.

13th August 2012

I am very impressed with Bark Busters and Keiko. We are enjoying the learning with our puppy and looking forward to a positive future with her. Thanks Bark Busters

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Mary P

9th August 2012

I really enjoyed the first bit of the training. It has become noticable to myself and my family how changed Tane has become. It is hard work but the end results are worth it.

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Jessica K
Te Atatu Peninsula

7th August 2012

Definitely would recommend them and the life of the dog guarantee is amazing. I have noticed my dogs seem a bit calmer and are barking less already after 1 week.

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Trish N

1st August 2012

Very effective and great product! I love my dogs again.

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Kara P.

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