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Adding a Little Zip to Rover's Meal!

What if you only could eat corn flakes, toast (no butter), or crackers? Pretty boring, right? Well, how do you think Rover feels when you put that bowl of dry kibble in front of him?

Dealing with Lead Pulling

It is really amazing how many of our clients' dogs pull them down the street... Even the little five pounders!I would like to provide you with a quick and easy thing to try when your dog is pulling your down the street. Simply turn around 180 degrees, walk in the opposite direction for about 10

"Real Life" Doggie Travelling Tips!

Right now we are in the middle of a two week trip with our three dogs. While we are "living this experience", I thought it might be worthwhile to review some "doggie travel tips" we are living right now...Travelling with your "best friends" is not hard. The biggest thing that we forget is to

Fun Ways to Share Valentine's Day with Your Pooch

February 14th is a special date to express our love for our sweethearts with flowers and candy or a romantic dinner, but this year, Valentine's Day has gone to the dogs. Bark Busters, the world's largest dog training company, offers helpful tips to help make the day of love even more

Chasing Anything That Moves!

It is a very natural thing for a dog to chase anything that moves. This strong instinct is probably what made the dog's ancestors first realise that they could catch their own food. In other words, this instinct is clearly driven by the need to survive.

Exercising Your Dog !

There are alot of theories regarding the essential amount of exercise for a dog. The average dog does not exercise itself regardless of the size of its backyard. Most dogs will just lie down by the back door. When their owner and family become active, so do they, just the way they would react

Bark Busters offers Back to school tips for families with dogs

With the school holidays over, Bark Busters, the world's leading dog training company suggests guidelines to help parents and children prepare the family dog for the return-to-school schedule change. The guidelines are based on Bark Busters' expertise in dog behavior and the experience of the

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