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How To Walk Your Dog Properly

2nd May 2016

How To Walk Your Dog Properly

Walking your dog is great exercise for both of you, and can help keep the pounds off. It will also help with mental and physical stimulation, beneficial for helping resolve other behaviour problems. Many dog owners have issues when they try to walk their dog or they don't walk them at all, because the dog misbehaves. read more…

Dog Safety Tips for Children & Parents

20th April 2016

Dog Safety Tips for Children & Parents

We've all seen them. Those carefree dog food commercials that feature adorable, furry puppy's jumping on the laps of children, licking their faces and, for the most part, being on their best behaviour. Unable to resist the allure of this loveable scene played out on television, many children ask their parents for a dog of their own. read more…

Understanding & Managing Senior or Older Dogs - Dog Training Tips

1st April 2016

Understanding & Managing Senior or Older Dogs - Dog Training Tips

Our dogs give us so much throughout their lives, including love, companionship, loyalty and protection. As dogs age (in general, dogs aged seven years or more are considered senior), they rely on us to provide a little extra patience, attention and care to accommodate their changing needs. read more…

Barking - Dog Training Tips

23rd March 2016

Barking - Dog Training Tips

While many people consider barking to be a normal behaviour, excessive barking is a behaviour problem and is often a sign that your dog is stressed. Not to mention that it can cause great stress for YOU in public places with your dog, or if you live in a community where your neighbours can hear your dog bark too! read more…

Understanding Dog Body Language

11th March 2016

Understanding Dog Body Language

Do we really know what our dogs are trying to communicate? This infographic shows some of the basics to understanding dog body language. read more…

National Spay/Neuter Awareness Month - February 2016

15th February 2016

February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month with World Spay Day occurring on 23rd of the month. This day is an international call to action that promotes the spaying and neutering of pets, street cats and street dogs with a view to saving lives. read more…

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your Dog

8th February 2016

February 14th is a special date to express our love for our sweethearts. While humans may like to celebrate Valentine's Day with chocolate, flowers and dinner at a fine restaurant, your dog would likely prefer a day of doggy fun. So what would your canine pal value most on the day for expressing love? read more…

Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath?

3rd February 2016

Does your dog's breath almost knock you out? This condition is often called halitosis and results from the bacteria buildup in your dog's mouth, lungs or stomach. When your dog eats, plaque and tartar start building on their gums, resulting in a less than desirable odour. read more…

Enjoy The Outdoors With Your Dog This Summer - Dog Training Tips

26th January 2016

Your dog loves fresh air and sunshine as much as you do! Try some of these outside games and activities to keep your dog happy and healthy. In addition, playing with your dog enhances the bond you share and helps him keep his focus on you! read more…

A Dogs' New Year Resolutions for 2016

14th January 2016

So it's a New Year and it's time for those good old New Year's resolutions but what about your dog...don't you think they might have few themselves???? read more…

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