Celebrate Valentine's Day with your Dog

8th February 2016

Bach &  Buster Valentines

February 14th is a special date to express our love for our sweethearts. While humans may like to celebrate Valentine's Day with chocolate, flowers and dinner at a fine restaurant, your dog would likely prefer a day of doggy fun. So what would your canine pal value most on the day for expressing love?

Your dog depends on you to supply the four key ingredients every dog needs for a happy life: food, shelter, safety and entertainment. When you supply these life basics, grounded on a foundation of respect, bond and trust and demonstrated by your continual, consistent leadership, your dog will know they are safe and loved, and thus will be more relaxed and content.

Following are some other canine-friendly tips for showing your special affection for your dog.

  • Indulge your pooch with a "pet spa day." An aromatherapy spa treatment will relax your dog's cares away. Start with a warm bath and blow dry, and finish with a well-deserved massage. Your dog will return home rejuvenated.
  • Try a night away for two. Getting out of town with your dog is a fun way to bond outside of the home. Whether you go down the road or somewhere exotic, there are many dog-friendly hotels that are more then happy to accommodate you and your pup.
  • Get some exercise. A spirited walk and a picnic in your local dog park is a great way to burn energy and spend some quality time together. Who knows?maybe your canine will find a valentine, too.
  • Give your furry friend a new toy. Nothing says "Be My Valentine" like a pink or red heart-shaped chew toy. Be sure it is dog-safe and your four-legged friend will get hours of enjoyment out of a new plaything. Plus, those cute little toys scattered throughout the house are just little reminders of how much you love your pup. Our dogs will be getting the bright red GameChanger!
  • Dinner and a movie are a fun way to spend Valentine's Day with your beloved pooch. Pick your favourite animal-related movie, and curl up with your pup and your favorite snacks.
  • Cross off your annual vet check-up from your list. An annual vet visit for a thorough check means extra peace of mind on this special day.

Whether on Valentine's Day or any day of the year, simple or extravagant, the best thing you can do with your dog to show your love is to simply spend lots of time with them and have fun together like we do at Bark Busters. Make it a safe and enjoyable holiday for both you and your furry best friend...they'll return your love tenfold.

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