Holiday Travel Tips

18th December 2016

Travelling with your "best friends" is not hard. The biggest thing that we forget is to prepare and observe. We must prepare what our dogs will need for the trip and observe their needs and their environment while we are travelling. Here are some quick tips:

  • Be sure that your dogs will have secure locations in the car. This can be a crate, lead/safety belt, or any other location where they will not be propelled in sudden stops or lane changes.
  • Do a practice pack of the car ahead of time. This will assure that your dogs will actually have the space they need. Get your dogs into their places to make sure that they are comfortable with them.
  • If your dogs aren't comfortable with car rides in general, start taking them on short rides to positively reinforce the experience.
  • If you will be leaving your dogs at doggie day cares along the way during your trip, be sure that their medical records are up to date. Be sure that you have up to date copies of their medical histories.
  • Make sure that your dogs have collars that fit snugly and they have dog ID tags. If possible, make sure they are microchipped and that the chip is working and up to date.
  • Make sure that you exercise your dogs an hour or two before you start your trip so that they are ready for a good sleep. Feed them early enough so that they have already gone to the bathroom before the trip begins.
  • Be sure that you have food, toys, leads, training leads, goodies, etc. packed and easily accessible as your trip begins.
  • Now that you are on the trip, stop every two or three hours to let them out to go to the toilet and stretch their legs. A lead should always be put on your dog before it leaves the car for toileting. Also, be sure to properly hydrate them during your daily drive.
  • Call ahead to make sure that your accommodation accepts dogs and try to get a ground floor room. When you reach your accommodation, take them out as quickly as possible to allow them exercise and the ability to go to the toilet. Feed them early so that they have time to go to the toilet before you turn in for the night.
  • When you are not in the room, keep your dogs in their crate. This assures that they can't open the hotel door and "hit the town". It also assures if a hotel employee enters the room, there will be no issues. (Some crate socialisation may be needed before this can take place. Your Bark Buster Trainer can help you with this issue.)
  • Plan your away from the room time. You might have to stagger your absences from the room by coming back for short periods of time to handle their toileting needs.
  • Be sure to spend as much non-car time as possible with your dogs while you are on your trip. This will help to socialise your dogs with unique situations and help build the bond between you and them.

Safe travelling!

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