19th July 2016

WaggTagg Bark Busters

With the new WaggTagg™ pet identification tag, less dogs will be lost in July which is Lost Pet Prevention Month. Dogs get lost dogs because of storms, fireworks, high winds blowing down gates & fences, picnics, camping trips, or outdoor barbeques, any event that can cause a dog to bolt.

The WaggTagg™ has helped hundreds of dog owners recover their beloved dogs by using the latest in QR code technology. With millions of dogs being lost each year - it is important that every dog has proper identification in case he is lost or stolen. Although many dog owners realise the importance, sadly reports say that less than 33% of dog owners report tagging their dogs.

Developed by Bark Busters, providing in home dog training globally, the WaggTagg™ easily attaches to a dog's collar. Every WaggTagg™ has a unique QR code that will be specific to each individual dog. Once a dog receives his tag, dog owners simply need to register their dog on the WaggTagg™ website at www.WaggTagg.com. As part of the registration, dog owners will input up to five emergency contacts, their dog's picture, breed, age, size and any other identifying features such as temperament and health issues. The WaggTagg™ will have specific instructions on the pet id tag itself for the person who finds the dog. All they need to do is use a mobile device to scan the QR code on the tag or input the tag number on the WaggTagg™ website, which will send an automatic text or email alert to the dog owners and their emergency contacts such as their Veterinarian, friends and family. No address details or sensitive information is released to the finder.

"When we were creating the WaggTagg™, we originally looked at providing something that would supplement the microchipping system. The Veterinarians we have spoken to said, while the chip is so important to have, some limitations are that the person must physically get the dog to the Vet's office for scanning AND the contact information is not always up to date which can lead to a dead end," says Val Edwards, Director of Bark Busters Australia & New Zealand. "Almost everyone has a mobile phone, so the WaggTagg™ uses easily accessible technology."

"Additionally, chips can migrate away from the injection site, which makes them more difficult to locate with a scanner. Also, there are several microchip manufacturers, but to my knowledge, there's no universal scanner that reads every brand of chip," says Edwards.

"Even if you think your dog won't run away, statistics show that one in three pets will get lost during their lifetime, and 90% of those who carry no identification will never return home," says Edwards. "As dog trainers, we see every day how attached owners are to their dog and the devastation it can cause if they are lost forever. It is for this reason, we now provide a tag free of charge to all Bark Busters clients."

Ask Kendall Hershey, whose dog was found with the help of a WaggTagg™. "I would have never thought my beloved Maltese named Rocky would run away because he rarely left my side," said Hershey. "However, an unexpected noise startled him when we were out walking and he took off. It was the longest two hours of my life until someone called and said they found him."

Bark Busters' mission is to help owners protect their pets, to enhance responsible dog ownership and reduce the possibility of maltreatment, abandonment and euthanasia of companion dogs.

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