Does Your Dog Love To Chase Moving Things?

Many dogs chase other animals, cyclists, skateboarders, postmen you name it! It can sometimes end badly, we can help you take steps to prevent disaster.

It is part of their DNA, it’s a display of their predatory instinct.

Many dogs chase other animals, cyclists, skateboarders, cats, the postman you name it! It can sometimes end badly, so while you may not be able to stop your dog from trying to chase, we can help you take steps to prevent disaster.

Chasing is a way for the dog to cast off anxieties and enjoy immense pleasure, improving their emotional bank balance. If you remove the challenges, the need to dispel the anxiety through chasing reduces accordingly. If you can’t eliminate the challenges, and sometimes that isn’t possible, adding other things that improve the emotional balance will go some way towards reducing the need to chase.

Many owners make the mistake of trying to train their dog when it is actually chasing. Forget it. You can’t. Don’t punish your dog either; it not only restricts a source of enjoyment but also introduces pain and more anxiety into the dog’s life. If you know what triggers your dog, here a few tips that may help, our Bark Busters trainers can come to your home and work with your dog to lessen these reactions too.

For starters like any good detective, you always have to be on the lookout for the motivation. If your dog is off-lead ensure you have an excellent recall to avert any disasters. If you are out with your dog and you see one of the things they love to chase, try a classic U-Turn. Have some treats handy or your dog’s favourite toy to divert their attention away from the object.

If you see your dog looking at a moving object, call their name and when they turn to you, praise them and pat them. Do this every time, and eventually, the dog will turn to you every time in anticipation of treats and praise.

If your dog is on a lead and collar, don’t yank them as this can damage their throat. We recommend a two-metre lead and a communication collar. For those that chase children, usually herding breeds, you can work on teaching children to stop moving as soon as the dog chases. It’s is not going to stop overnight, but these few techniques are worth a try. We are always here to help.

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