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Due to a technical clitch our 0800 enquiries from February to August 2023 were only being randomly received by Mark; unbeknown to him, our call centre or Spark mobile until very recently.

Sincere apologies to any enquirers for any inconvenience or frustration this has caused.

Regards Mark Gall.


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Sarah R Stoke, Nelson., South Island | November 14 2023

Our session with Mark was so valuable. It’s amazing how changing a few simple things has transformed Bear’s overall behaviour. (If only some of these tips had been taught at puppy classes!) Our biggest challenges with Bear were jumping excitedly all over visitors, territorial barking, lead pulling and chasing aggressively after bikes and motorcycles. The greeting visitors, barking and lead pulling issues have largely been resolved and we have been given tools for dealing with the bike chasing. Mark is very patient and a great teacher. Bear is well on his way to becoming a calmer, better behaved wee companion.

Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
Trainer note from Mark :

Bear is a very soft natured Spoodle x Labrador, but did think he was in charge.

Chasing things likes bikes etc off lead was an issue. also extremely over excited with guests and door knocks , recall and pulling also issues. He responded really well and I'm sure will be a great dog . I'm looking forward to hearing his progress.