Vicki & Simone Crawley-Prout


“Blame Nobody, Expect Nothing, Do Something” (Bill Parcels)

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Solutions to Success

Hatched Designs

Vicki and Simone  are a great team. They are proactive and have created new approaches to quality and business development, moving Bark Busters into a future that looks promising. The developments they have introduced to our business operations have improved communication and efficiency, through enhanced use of technology.

I am thrilled with the new Directors. They are full of great ideas and have inspired me to be a better communicator, business person and dog trainer. It’s exciting to see where they are taking us.

Faith Wild, BB Sunshine Coast

I am loving the new changes you guys are making at head office. From the uniform to the website. I’m excited by all these new changes.


A whirlwind of positive change from hitting the ground running to a whole new business system and website.


Our new directors, Vicki and Simone, have bought a wealth of knowledge, business acumen, and sound concepts to the Bark Busters A/NZ business. Their passion for improving procedures and streamlining daily business processes whilst maintaining a focus on the core fundamentals that have made Bark Busters an amazing business, has seen us once again lead from the front.  So proud to be a part of the team!

Vicki and Simone have an impressive business acumen which has been very evident to me in their business operational changes to Bark Busters Australia. Always responsive and take the time from their busy schedule to walk me through the changes.  I feel very positive and excited for the year ahead.
Martin Blattman, BB Newcastle
It’s exciting to see all the new changes being put in place for the betterment of the company and our clients. I’m really hopeful that we can move forward professionally and be an increasingly successful Dog Behaviour group as a result of all the hard work.
Michelle Reay, BB Toowoomba

From a young child, and leaving school at 17 years of age, Vicki has always been well driven.  From, her first fundraising event (aged 9) with her trusted four legged canine companion that hijacked the families backyard and raised much needed funds for the local Children’s Charity, to launching a brand globally, Vicki has maintained an underlying passion for canine companions, loyalty and success.

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I’m Simone and I’ve had a love of animals from a very young age. My first pet in our family home a rabbit called Tina was my first experience of the fluffy in life and my sister and I loved her dearly. Years on with cats, guinea pigs, more rabbits, birds and fish gave me a real true love of animals that I carry today.

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