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Like people, dogs have their own personalities and temperament and no two dogs are the same. We will assess your dog and tailor a programme to suit its personality and your needs.

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“We only had our first session with Keiko and my dog Noah actually showed that he was listening and behaved more calmly. It helped to build confidence to have a well behaved dog in the near future :)”

Emmaline C., Bucklands Beach, North Island.

“This is the second time we’ve worked with Bark Busters and Keiko. This time we are being proactive with our puppy. Keiko came to our place and showed us all the little things we needed to put a stop to to make sure our puppy grows up to be a stable perfect family dog. Keiko talks about what to do and explains why do it, then she shows you, then it’s your turn with coaching to make sure you get it right. It really helps your confidence and management of the dog. The best part for us, is that if we need extra support we can just call Keiko. You can’t beat that kind of commitment! We recommend Bark Busters to everyone who gets a dog.”

Jamie L., Onewhero, North Island

“Keiko was very helpful with our two unruly dogs. She explained everything in depth and ensured we and the dogs understood what she was asking of us. Ivy and Arlo responded very quickly to her techniques and we saw an immediate improvement, we are sure they are going to improve in leaps and bounds with our perseverance and Keiko’s guidance throughout this journey. It just goes to show old habits are breakable and your dogs can become what you want them to be! I highly recommend Keiko and her training services, she is very friendly and knowledgeable, we can’t wait for our future sessions with her.”

Tori N., Auckland, North Island.

“Keiko has literally saved us. Our little boy was a mega handful. Barked all day and night, never listened, jumped, pulled the lead, ate all day. You name it he did it… Best investment I’ve ever talked the hubby into… even he is super impressed. Can’t thank you enough.”

Natalie S., Papakura, North Island.

It was superb! We first wanted our dog, Baron not to bark but Keiko taught us a lot of other things too. Her explanation was so useful and easy to understand. I know that to train a dog, the owners also need to learn and with Keiko, me and my husband could learn really important things! I was so amazed how she organised and spent over 3 hours for us. Also I was so surprised Baron made remarkable progress during the session. I know to keep him this way, we need to train him everyday consistently but I’m so positive about it. Because I could see Keiko really loved dogs and cared about us which is vitally important so we can trust her with further training. I’m 100% happy with her and the system of Bark Busters!

Eri P., Flat Bush, Auckland.

“A miracle happened in our house yesterday. Keiko very quickly showed us how to communicate with our dogs effectively, getting them to respond correctly and all in a couple of hours. They no longer jump up, bark randomly, pull on their leads or jump on the furniture. They are happier and now know who is the boss. All achieved without treats – just simple techniques that work. If I hadn’t seen this for myself I would have been very cynical. Worth every cent! Thank you Keiko!”

Mark K., Kohimarama, Auckland.

“I don’t know where to start, Keiko was amazing! Within our first session of 3 hours, we noticed the biggest change in our dog Blaze. Blaze would act quite aggressive towards strangers and visitors to our house, jump up at us, bark at other dogs and noises and run off if we left the ranch-slider open. Since Keiko, Blaze now does not respond aggressively to visitors at the door, he is not barking at strange noises or dogs, he will not jump up on us and we can know walk on our deck with the ranch-slider open and Blaze will not run outside. Within 24 hours Blaze is a different dog and more relaxed and I can only imagine what he will be like as weeks go by continuing training. Thank you Keiko!”

Amber R., Stanmore Bay, Auckland.

“What a great experience. Keiko has a great way in explaining and showing you the signs to look for in understanding and speaking ‘dog’. Very early on some simple techniques and changes in what I was doing showed an instant result.

It definitely is about training the owner and I have to say Keiko is wonderful at this.

With the resources left for me to follow and the next catch-up training session to happen soon, I am already feeling a lot more confident and my George is a lot happier.”

Kim H., Auckland, North Island.

“Keiko came to help our family learn about how to manage our new 7 mth old puppy, Roxy who we just recently got from the animal shelter. Roxy had a few wee naughty habits and really is just so excited at having a new home. Because we have different learning styles and a family of 4, I decided it was best to have a trainer come to the house to train our family so we were all on the same page.

I am so pleased we got Keiko to come to our house. Her manner was so warm and friendly and no question was too silly to ask. She made us feel very happy about how to look after, care and provide consistent boundaries for Roxy. My 10 year old daughter responded really well and my husband can now speak 3 differing ways to command, manage poor behaviour and praise Roxy. The training was individualised to our needs and also the needs of Roxy in her own environment. I would definitely recommend.”

Karen S., Te Atau Peninsula, Auckland.

“My husband, daughter and I got Brian from the Humane Society in December last year. There were thoughts he had been chained and used to fight. We initially got some training which helped to sort a few things out but were still concerned about his aggression towards other dogs (he had attacked a puppy a few months back which left us very scared to take him in any close proximity to other dogs) I found Keiko on the website and decided to see if she could assist with this behaviour. Keiko’s first lesson was extremely valuable – she is very knowledgeable and what she relayed to us made absolute sense. After the first visit, we felt elated as we can already see a big change in Brian’s behaviour and have hope for the future. I cannot wait to see how we can assist him to change this behaviour with Keiko’s help. Thanks so much Keiko. Regards Chantal Stewart and Tayo”

Chantal W., Torbay North Shore, Auckland.

“We were amazed at how simple the training is and how rapidly our dog Monty responded to Keiko and us. I had expected lots of rules but there are so few. What struck us was the need to understand how the dog thinks and how well Keiko explained this to us. Suddenly we could see that the way Monty was behaving was a reflection on what we were doing and with some easily understood adjustments we could completely change our relationship with our dog.”

Sheila C., Henderson Valley, Auckland.

“Keiko is always really prompt and clear with communication. This was my third or fourth appointment for Grace and Keiko is very encouraging of upholding the lifetime support guarantee. I really appreciate this integrity.

Keiko is a very comfortable person to be around and makes it ok to be able to share all the ups and downs in the journey of dog ownership.

When I moved with my dog from Australia to NZ my dog became really anxious and Keiko has been a critical part of our journey in overcoming this anxiety.

Thank you Keiko! You are amazing!!!

From us
Melody and Gracey”

Melody M., Papakura, Auckland.

“Keiko is a wonderful and very knowledgeable trainer, who really understood our dog’s needs. We appreciated her positive approach, and she had some great advice for us regarding dogs behaviour. Keiko made everything seem like common sense and she didn’t train our dog…she trained us!”

Ilan T., Kumeu, Auckland.

“Before Bark Busters, we had been having trouble with Potato barking at everything. With Keiko’s help, he has improved so much from when he first started and is so much better behaved. We are very happy with his progress would highly recommend Keiko and Bark Busters!”

Nancy S., New Lynn, North Island.

“Training techniques were easy and worked instantly! My dog responded straight away to stop barking and jumping.
Keiko also explained to us the things people often do to their dogs, that the dog actually doesn’t like. We were also taught how to read a dogs body language to learn how they are feeling. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Keiko!”

Sunshine T., Sunshine, Auckland.

“From the first telephone discussion I had with Keiko I was so impressed. Her advice seemed so logical. Her visit was eye opening. We soon realised how many changes we needed to make in how we were responding to and dealing with Laila. The techniques Keiko showed us and the advice she gave us has been invaluable. It has only been a week and we can see the changes in Laila’s behaviour in just that short period of time. We are excited about what the results will be after another 4-5 weeks. We are so glad we contacted Bark Busters and met with Keiko. We have a beautiful rescue dog, that needs our guidance and we now have the techniques to help her to become the wonderful dog we know she can be. Thank you Keiko and Bark Busters.”

Debbie N., Sunnynook, Auckland.

“To be honest I’m speechless. The knowledge Keiko has was so informative and really opened our eyes in the best way possible. It has really made us look at what to do with Bear and how to train him. This has been the best money spent with the value we have got so far for Bear and ourselves. Thank you.”

Donna T., Warkworth, Auckland.

“Our training session with Keiko was better than I expected. S.A. responded very well to all techniques Keiko taught us and thanks to her S.A. will be well behaved sooner than we ever dreamed!”

Denise P., Auckland.

“We loved meeting Keiko and we 100% agree with the educating methods. We could see an immediate positive change in Bailey’s behaviour. The best part is that the Bark Busters methods are gentle and without being need to be physical. Keiko was very professional, efficient and to the point. She answered all our questions and spent over 3 hours with us. We are very happy with our first session and we feel much more in control of the situation already. We looking forward to the next session. Thank you!”

Adela P., Devonport, Auckland.

“Keiko is pleasant and friendly and is very thorough. Paddy responded positively to Keiko and the training. We have seen lots of improvement and positive results with Paddy however still have a way to go yet. We feel well supported by Keiko and the training method and notes to continue to make more progress. We highly recommend Keiko…thank you!”

Erin H., Waiatarua, North Island

“This was the best decision ever to involve Keiko. She is a true dog whisperer. My puppies have transformed from their first meet with her and we are forever grateful to you Keiko. Thankyou so much 🙂 🙂 :)”

Olivia S., Mission Bay, North Island.

“Thomas is a very ‘stubborn’ puppy and Keiko has helped so much with working with him and teaching him some manners. He now sits and waits for his food, at the door and he is almost trained into his crate and the lead training is coming on well. Keiko helped us to understand the importance of being patient with Thomas and we are becoming very well trained.”

Susan G., Henderson, North Island.

“We have found our dog whisperer… her name is Keiko! We could see results in the first training session with our 9 week old puppy, Bruno, and also our 14 year old dog, Sasha, who barks at anyone walking past the house. We were amazed how quickly Sasha responded to Keiko’s command, and we are continuing with this and getting really good results. Thanks Keiko! Looking forward to more sessions with you.”

Milli Y., Sandringham, North Island.

“Miraculous! We are amazed at how quickly our dog Leo has taken to this new form of communication. He is a different dog. We are able to walk him calmly and he listens to us now. It’s like he wanted us to be the leader from the start but we just didn’t know how to show him he could trust us. We had the first lesson yesterday and I have already recommended to all my coworkers!”

Giverny T., Riverhead, Auckland.

“Keiko was amazing and has the patience of an angel.  We saw a dramatic change in Mac within the first few days.  Barking and Jumping has decreased significantly, recall is much better and we’ve changed up his diet.  Plus we have a much better understanding of the dog pack mentality on who the pack leaders should be as it made my husband and I realize, we may have been confusing him with different commands.  We are having more fun than ever with Mac now and excited that the training is on-going as he grows.”

Megan, T., New Windsor, Auckland.