Waggwalker® helping you lead. The dog lead that will help you stay in control and have fun walking your dog.

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WaggWalker® - Make Pulling a thing of the Past!

This one-of-a-kind harness is easy to use and needs little effort to get your dog walking by your side using its patented, revolutionary communication system. With its range of sizes it's easy to find the perfect fit for your dog. The patented communication harness EDUCATES your dog to walk calmly by your side using a flick and release motion. The sound encourages your dog to "think" and in no time at all your dog will be listening to you making your walk a pleasure.

The WaggWalker® is a kind and gentle way to train your dog to walk by your side. If your dog begins to pull forward, the harness employs a zipping sound through the chain that lies across the dog's chest. This sound is used to communicate with your dog so that he learns to know exactly where you want him to walk. The WaggWalker® Dog Harness is easy to use and requires little effort to get your dog to walk by your side. It fits and adjusts easily to the size of your dog. Each harness comes with a free bonus collar clip, which attaches to the dog's resident collar giving you a total safety package when walking with your dog.

WaggWalker® Suggested Guidelines for Use:

The WaggWalker® we feel is the best training tool on the market to help teach a dog how to walk at your side. However, like every tool, it must be used properly. Here are some suggestions for you to get the most out of our product.

  1. Always fit the harness on your dog inside your home so that there is no chance of him slipping away from you and running away.
  2. Make sure the harness fits snug (to get the size for your dog refer to the sizing chart below) but not too tightly as to irritate your dog especially in their armpits and chest. (It now comes with the Sherpa Cover for your dog's comfort).
  3. Once the harness is fitted properly, Clip safety strap to existing collar and clip the lead onto the furthest ring away from you on the harness and walk your dog around inside your home and practice the ‘Flick and Release.’ Give your dog a few minutes to get used to the harness especially if he has never worn a harness before.
  4. When you first get outside, don’t go right into your normal walk, do some practice turns for a few minutes to give your dog some time to learn what you want from him.
  5. Do not proceed forward if your dog is not responding to you and is pulling hard.
  6. Do not try to HOLD your dog back using the WaggWalker®. If you hold your lead very short and tight with any harness it will dig into their skin and possibly irritate it.

 WaggWalker® comes with Sherpa Comfort Cover


We have now made the WaggWalker® even better with the Sherpa Comfort Cover. A dog's underarm area is especially sensitive so we have created these covers specifically for your dog's comfort. This soft material is gentle to the touch and was designed to help to avoid any potential rubbing or chaffing of your dog's skin.

WaggWalker® - Sizing Chart


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