Why is Bark Busters a better way to a better dog?

See Fast Results, Reduce Stress and Frustration, Lifetime Guarantee with a tick symbol in front of them.

Our therapists are highly trained and supported by an International team of experts and this is why we have been helping people with their dogs behaviour for over 31 years, operate in 6 countries and have had the privilege to train over 1 million dogs in this time.

Here are 7 reasons:

If your dog has behavioural problems, they’re probably the only one who looks forward to going for a walk. We can change that, in hours, not months; so, you enjoy walks and quality time with your best friend. We will do this by addressing misunderstandings, the root of most dog behaviour problems. Starting there, you’ll learn to effectively communicate with your dog in a way that’s more instinctive and natural for them.

Your dog deserves real love, not “tough love”. With Bark Busters, you will never have to harshly punish them. Our dog training method is 100% friendly, so you can continue to show your dog love. This natural and dog friendly approach develops a positive relationship and lasting emotional bond between you both and is based on respect and trust. There is no need for any harsh punishment or constant stream of treats, Bark Busters’ dogs are motivated by your praise.

When you work with us, you’ll be supported by an International team with over 31 years of experience. In that time, we’ve helped over 1 million dog owners just like you. So, when you work with any of our 29 trainers, you’re bound to get exactly what your dog needs. ‘We Speak Dog’ – most behavioural problems stem from miscommunication between an owner and their dog and dogs are often confused by what we want from them. The solution to this is to get everyone speaking the same language and this is what our trainers will teach you and our methods are based on the same communication methods, voice tone and body language that dogs follow instinctively and this is why we pride ourselves in being able to deliver results quicker than most.

Stay home and let Bark Busters come to you. We’ll provide dog training in the comfort of your home, on a schedule that works for you. Plus, if you’d like to have other members of your family at the training, which we do recommend, we can make this a family affair. A session like that gets everyone on the same page, ensuring better long-term results, especially as dogs learn best in their own environment.

Let your dog learn in the best environment possible – your home. At home, your dog will be free of distractions and in a safe, familiar place. As a result, they’ll have the comfort and confidence needed to learn and be much more natural in the process.

We customise our program to you and your dog’s unique needs and we recognise that each dog along with each family and environment are unique. With our personalised approach your Bark Busters trainer will assess the situation and develop a plan that works most effectively for your dog and you, enabling greater happiness for you and your dog, with a sense of accomplishment of what you have both achieved.

How confident are we that our methods will work for you? Confident enough that we offer you a lifetime guarantee. We believe wholeheartedly in our methods and as long as you follow the plan we develop for you and your dog, we’ll return free-of-charge at any time during your dog’s life, if the issues we’ve handled come back or new ones emerge. For full details see this link: Lifetime Support Guarantee.

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