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Stanmore Bay | December 15 2010
I've trained a dog before but needed help with this specific dog who likes to be dominant so the home visits and clear explanations of behaviour plus techniques to modify it were very helpful. Permalink
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Grey Lynn | December 10 2010
After just 2 days the household was a lot calmer, both dogs are responding really well, early days but already I have a greater degree of control than I have ever had. Will recommend to the dog daycare that they both attend and the local vet. Permalink
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Onehanga | November 25 2010
Keiko was fantastic - personable, friendly and warm. Was extremely pleased with the results during and after the training. Will definitely recommend! Permalink
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Grey Lynn | November 20 2010
Thanks to these simple techniques we were immediately able to see enormous improvements in Rosie's behaviour, and therefore, in our own happiness! Plus, the sense of control and confidence we've gained means that when things are not perfect, we know what to do and don't just get angry and distressed. Permalink
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Henderson | July 28 2010
I liked knowing where I was going right with my own training and highlighting what I could do better. Understanding the pack mentality was crucial for both my sons and myself. Dog body language was an eye opener and of course learning to be patient and making sure you win with a technique before you stop. Permalink
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Oratia | July 18 2010
Keiko is an excellent listener as well as teacher. She had authority and humor and understanding of our family dynamics. She made me feel confident that I could change how we handle our dog. Permalink
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Greenbay | July 01 2010
Very good, helpful, friendly. Permalink
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| May 21 2010
Keiko is wonderful with both the family and dog. She was patient, understanding and very clear with her instructions. Permalink
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Blockhouse Bay | April 15 2010
Keiko was amazing - everything was explained clearly and thoroughly - Sombre responded straight away - incredible. Permalink
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| December 12 2009
I recommended Bark Buster to two of our friends. One of them had training and she was pleased with it Permalink