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  • If Your Dog Could Talk
    If Your Dog Could Talk
    October 10 2018
    It is amazing what we can learn from the behaviour of our dogs. It's very natural for people to reason and explain dog behaviour in a human way - it's all we know! To start thinking more like your dog is the start to enriching your lives together. ...read more
  • Is 'Socialising' Your Dog With Other Dogs A Good Thing To Do?
    Is 'Socialising' Your Dog With Other Dogs A Good Thing To Do?
    August 16 2018
    Our dogs mean a lot to us and we want them to have the best life possible. We may feel that our dogs enjoy and need to play with their own kind. Though that sounds ideal, consider that humans have spent thousands of years domesticating dogs so dogs would prefer humans over canine companionship. Do we really want to encourage dogs to play by canine rules rather than human rules yet at the same time demand more of them in their close relationships with us? ...read more
  • Mental Vs. Physical Stimulation For Your Dog
    Mental Vs. Physical Stimulation For Your Dog
    July 26 2018
    Does this description sound familiar to you: "My dog, Ranger, just won't settle down. He seems to have an endless supply of energy, even after running around all day." This is a common description shared by many Bark Busters clients during our initial conversation. ...read more
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  • Keeping Your Dog Entertained When Home Alone
    Keeping Your Dog Entertained When Home Alone
    May 02 2018
    How does your dog cope when left home alone? Does he wait patiently for your return, listening for the sound of the car on the drive, or the key in the lock? Does he become bored or even stressed and seek out some entertainment? ...read more
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  • Indoor Boredom Busters for Your Dog
    Indoor Boredom Busters for Your Dog
    August 07 2017
    So the weather outside is frightful, but your pup still wants to play. No need to layer up and brave the elements for a game of fetch just yet. Here are some fun indoor games you can play with your dog when it's too nasty to go outside for fun. ...read more
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  • Unique Dog Tricks
    Unique Dog Tricks
    June 05 2017
    Sure, having your dog fetch you a beer from the fridge might be a stunt that can impress your friends, but the benefit of trick training with your dog doesn't end there... ...read more
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  • Is your Dog Resource Guarding?
    Is your Dog Resource Guarding?
    May 22 2017
    Most dogs have a natural urge to protect what is theirs. Dogs can become very stingy when it comes to things like toys, their bed, food items, bones and household items. ...read more
  • The Importance of Dog Training
    The Importance of Dog Training
    May 08 2017
    When people buy a puppy, they take their responsibilities very seriously, ensuring that the puppy receives the necessary vaccinations, learns where to sleep, where to eat, and where to toilet. Then, when the puppy is ready and able to leave the house, they conscientiously attend puppy training classes every week for the first few months of the dog's life. ...read more
  • Choosing the Right Puppy
    Choosing the Right Puppy
    March 16 2017
    As Bark Busters dog trainers, we find that the New Year is a busy time for puppy training. If you are thinking of getting a puppy it is worth taking time to think about and prepare yourself for what you are taking on, and to make sure that the puppy you buy is right for you and your family. Having the right dog, properly trained, will bring you joy for years to come. ...read more